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Valtteri's SMBX episodes (also known as The Valtteri Island series before the names were changed) is a Super Mario Bros. X episode series released after SMBX was released.

The games in the series are infamous for being shitty too hard. Also, custom graphics, so 10/10.


Basic InfoEdit

A consistency problem has occoured and it has caused the Valtteri Island to corrupt into three different appereances! First a shitty island, then an even shitter island and finally, Dinosaur Land. It has come to theory that Valtteri cannot design world maps at all.

The names of the two latter episodes were changed due to the geography problems, though.

The episode's levels are all short, shitty and hard. Containing the lack of creativity by using SMW BLOCKS ONLY IN A SMW LEVEL!!! or it would result in something terrible.

That being said, Valtteri is now working on the third in the series and it looks good. Too bad it's a blatant rip-off of Super Mario World for the NES.



Valtteri getting hit by a keyboard after fanboys rage at the difficult of the second game in the series.

  • Roy's Castle in The Mushroom Robbers was unpossible.
  • Roy's Castle could not be completed due to a fucking block that Valtteri somehow missed when hiring amazing beta testers who are reliable.
  • Valtteri Island is fun, The Mushroom Robbers is hard. Return to Dinosaur Land is yet to be released.

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